Hi!! we will be at junkstock may 6-8th, the website will be empty until after!! Restock Coming!!!!

About Me

Hi friends!! I am Paige! The maker, creator, boss, marketer, & everything in between for this small business that I adore so much. So many things go into the behind the scenes of what every day looks like for this biz. I hand make everything with love and care, special for the one who falls in love with their piece. From the minute the idea comes to me, is prototyped, then perfected for you- it is a truly beautiful experience. I create a little bit of everything but have most recently fallen so deeply in love with the medium of polymer clay. I make bracelets, necklaces, macrame earrings, polymer clay earrings, and polymer clay car diffusers/wall hangs. I can’t wait for you to find the item that speaks to your soul. I am just so excited & grateful you’re here. 


The reasoning behind the name is something very close to my heart. In 2017 I lost someone very close to me and I have struggled for a long time trying to come to terms with the fact that she isn't just a phone call away and I can't just hop in the car with the dogs and come visit anymore. For my whole life we always told each other, "I love you to the moon & back" so when I finally decided to start a little thing with these bracelets, I knew that I wanted her to be apart of it, even if she couldn't be here. So that is how Moon & Back came into play, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you all.

I would love to make you something unique and different with a little piece of my heart in it! If you would like a custom order please send me an email at moonandbackjewels@outlook.com. Thank you so much.

 Doggo & pics courtesy of: tessa flower photography